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Our specialist Bar Coding & RFID Division provides and supports solutions for virtually any automated identification requirement.


Covering every industry, our bar code data collection projects include field sales, maintenenace management, warehouse control and inventory control most of which feature all aspects of bar code labelling, scanning and thermal printing.  We are experts in these fields and have the technology and products to meet not only your present needs but also those in the future.


We can supply either bar code reading and/or printing hardware only or, using our in-house system development teams, complete data collection and management solutions.


We work with all major hardware suppliers including:

A method of transmitting information using radio waves, Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, systems typically consist of a tag which contains information identifying an item or, indeed, an animal.  A reader then communicates with the tag and reads the information programmed into its memory.


Tags consist of either "passive" i.e. not containing a battery and energised by the reader or "active" and thus able to transmit using their own power.  Active tags are generally able to transmit over greater distances than passive.     Unlike bar codes, there is no line of sight requirement, FID labels or tags don't have to be properly oriented, tags can withstand harsh environments and there is the option of a portable database.   Typical uses include tracking people, items and equipment such as trolleys in real time.  

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