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The core Nexus Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system links to existing patient databases and replicates the data within the Nexus core. It can also receive messages, such as a referral, from an existing hospital system thus any legacy PAS type system can remain in place with the hospital still being able to utilise the many benefits Nexus brings.


Due to its multi-hospital, area-wide design, Nexus Intelligent Booking allows a patient who is willing to travel to be booked from their local hospital into any other hospital thus minimising patient wait times and maximising the use of operating theatre time.


Through the Nexus Resource Centre including Surgeon’s Preference Cards and Case Cart Management, staff or equipment is monitored so that warnings are provided at point of booking if resources are unavailable due to usage in another theatre or being out for maintenance.


And, in Nexus Theatre, Nexus Touchscreen terminals enable staff to quickly and easily complete information about the patient's journey.  Pre-assessment and pre-op information is instantly available and progress of the patient through the anaesthetics room, theatre and recovery is recorded merely by the touch of onscreen buttons.   Through a web based module, wards and departments can also view, in real-time, the progress of the patient through theatre and receive post-op information in advance of the patient leaving recovery.


Nexus Sterile Services is a comprehensive sterile services management system providing full tracking and traceability along with costing for the entire cycle through the Sterile Services Department.  


The system operates through the use of GS1 standard bar coded labels or tags which are uniquely created and when assigned to an item accompany that item for evermore.  As standard, of course, the system incorporates laser produced single instrument marking and tracking providing a unique identity for trays (including loan trays), packs, supplementary instruments, plastics etc. The unique identity assigned to each item then allows all transactions to be easily and quickly collected on where the item is, who worked on it, which steriliser cycle it underwent and, of course, later in the process, which patient it was used on.  


Nexus PackTRAK permits tracking of all SSD items anywhere within the hospital enabling any type of any item to be found at any time!  This information can, of course, be made available to theatre or clinic staff and can therefore eliminate the need for them to constantly phone the sterile services department!  In addition, the system can also be set to alert that an item has not been processed correctly and therefore should not be used on a patient.   By allowing theatre, ward and department staff to easily scan the item barcode against a patient ID, Nexus PackTRAK keeps track of the use of all items on all patients - throughout the hospital and not just in theatre.  


The Nexus Surgeon’s Assistant and Nexus Endoscopy systems enable clinicians to easily and quickly complete their theatre notes by touchscreen including the use of freehand diagrams, digital images and even voice notes.


Because a complete Nexus solution can be implemented over time and can exist alongside a hospital’s existing patient record system there is no need for the“big bang” process necessary with many Patient Administration Systems, many of which, unfortunately, fail to deliver. This approach means that a long term implementation strategy can be undertaken thus minimising disruption to hospital processes and bringing with it considerable staff, administration, management and financial benefits...

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